What I learnt After Switching From Android To iPhone

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After many years using android phones, I decided to switch to iphone. While I must admit that the 
experience of using an android phone is immerse but I've come to appreciate what a great job apple has 
done. There are a lot of differences but the key ones are listed below

1. The iphone user interface is much more polished. For example, when I type on the iphone, it 
shows the letter I am trying to type more often, even though the screen is smaller, am guessing 
this is better software at work

2. The iphone app ecosystem is markedly better. Google play and the apple app store both have 
about 1 million apps, and most major apps are available for both platforms but new apps and 
updates comes out first on iphone

3. IOS is stronger at the technical detail level. E.g., when you use an Iphone with a car, Bluetooth 
streaming audio works properly, you can control which contacts get synched to the car over 
Bluetooth, and if you have both Bluetooth and a wired connection to the car active, the iphone 
smartly sends phone audio over Bluetooth and streaming media audio over the wire, so both 
work. (In fact, google experience Android gets this right too but the Samsung user interface 
breaks it.). This might be fixed by an upgrade

4. The iphone camera is just the best, beautiful pictures and great features like high dynamic 
range, which both compensates for some limitations of simple cameras, and can create 
attractive images that reminds me of a painting.

Although android phones has got some good qualities too, lets look at some of them

1. Durability: I always notice that people with iphones often have there screen broken or worse, the 
reason is because iphone is shrouded in glass compare this to phones like Samsung galaxy note 3 
which can drop 30 times with no issue, no crack.

2. Cross platform nature makes it more flexible:  Apple IOS is fairly hostile when it comes to other 
platforms and requires developers and companies to submit an application for a service they 
want added to its OS, so it can be vetted first. The firm has a very strict policy that forces 
developers to play by its rules if they hope to get any software onto IOS

3. Multiple prices for devices: With so many manufacturers using Android there is a huge 
opportunity to differentiate on price. This means you can get good quality device without 
weeping as u pay for it.

What are you experiences? Let us know in the comment box below.



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