1. Terms of Service; Didn’t Read – Terms of Service is often too long to read, so people just agree them. Here are the summaries of the most popular websites’ ToS.
  2. Grovo – Build your Internet skills. You can try it for free.
  3. Quora – Ask questions about any topic you can imagine and let experts answer them.
  4. Vocabulary – Quickest and most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary.
  5. StackOverflow – For every developer this is the best site to ask a question or answer one while you educate yourself.
  6. Duolingo – This site is often mentioned here, but this is the best and easiest way to learn a new language (of course for free).
  7. RedHoop – Search tens of thousands of free courses online.
  8. Brain Pickings – Bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in – until you are.
  9. Investopedia – Learn everything about finance. Perfect for someone who is not familiar with the finance world (yet).
  10. Information is Beautiful – Informations about anything around the World visualized.
  11. Free Rice – Answer vocabulary questions and for each right answer they will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger around the World.
  12. Litemind – Explore ways to use your mind more efficiently.
  13. StumbleUpon – Discover lesser known and awesome websites.
  14. How To Do Things – As the name of the site says, read about methods on how to do things in multiple topics.
  15. Today I Found Out – Learn new facts every day.
  16. Top Documentary Films – Watch the best documentaries online.
  17. OneLook – Best dictionary search online.
  18. Spreeder – Speed reading online. With this simple app you can read up to 1000 words per minute, instead of the average of 200.